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South Kensington Lawn Care Service are the only choice in my humble opinion as they are fantastic gardeners and low cost too.

  • Margaret Taylor

This is one of the best gardening services I've come across. Their gardeners are efficient and their rates lower than others in the area. I would most certainly use their services again.

  • Nathan F.

This is the best garden care I have ever received. Thank you so much for the help.

  • Eva T.

South Kensington Lawn Care Service did a top job in my garden, brought it back under control. Will use their garden maintenance service regularly to keep it that way.

  • Helen M.

When looking for a nice landscape for my store. I found South Kensington Gardening Services. They created a new garden design that will blow your mind.

  • H. Thomas

I had been experiencing a problem with some of my shrubs turning yellow near the end of the summer. I contacted the gardeners at South Kensington Gardening Services. They sent out a specialist and they were able to determine the cause and help me fix it. I highly recommend this gardening service.

  • R. Cullen

I own a few rental properties and I always use South Kensington Gardeners for all of my gardening services. They always completed the job in a timely manner and the final product is always "above and beyond" quality.

  • Jack S.

South Kensington Lawn Care Service knows how to take care of their customers and they do quality work with great garden care and a low price.

  • Sam

Vines...vines up the house, vines crawling on the fence, such a knot. I really had no time to deal with it, as gardening is not really something I enjoy. South Kensington Gardening Services came out, and promptly took care of the mess. Great job!

  • Stella

The garden design that was produced for us by South Kensington Gardening Services absolutely blew us away, especially when we saw how cost-effective the work was going to be! Would highly recommend these guys for any work you need done in your garden, they're so professional and the pricing is really competitive too.

  • Russell R.

I had a great experience when I hired South Kensington Gardening Services. I needed a landscaping service and they did brilliantly throughout the process. I'm a very detail-orientated person, so it was nice to be kept in the loop and be given precise details about the design when my new garden was being constructed. The team exceeded my expectations, and because of this I'll definitely be using their services again.

  • Penny Johnson

Weeding has got to be one of the most tedious of jobs. That's why, whenever I have weeds growing everywhere in the garden, I simply pick up the phone and book with Garden Care South Kensington for professional weeding. They charge a reasonable price and do a great job, every time. To sum up, I couldn't be happier and their excellent work saves me a lot of hard work and back aches.

  • Jerry L.

I have been very busy lately so parts of my home have not been tended to. One of these was my patio, which needed a good clean. I felt I wasn't up to the job so I let Garden Care South Kensington handle things. Their top gardening teams made my patio clean again. I'll be sure to keep their number handy for the future.

  • Matt

You often find with most companies that they seem great when advertising or on social media but are nothing like that in real life. But South Kensington Landscapers are equally as professional and friendly as they are on their adverts. They are honest, reliable, friendly and punctual. I am more than happy with their services and if I need to use gardening services again I will definitely contact them!

  • Brittany Yates

South Kensington Gardeners were amazing when I wanted help with removing a tree stump. I had moved house and wanted a shed constructing but the roots of a tree were causing an obstruction. This company was fast acting at dealing with the tree roots and their safe removal. The gardeners had all of the right gear for the job which helped enormously. It didn't cost a lot and didn't take that long. I can't praise the company enough, they did a marvellous job for the cost.

  • Terry Anderson

I spent a considerable amount of time looking at and considering each gardening firm in the area for the tree surgery work I needed completed. There were several to assess and deliberate, but South Kensington Gardening Services were who I went with in the end. I had them come to my property and see to my trees so that they were safely trimmed. They did fine work and I was impressed with the knowledge of their team. I won't bother looking at different firms next time I need tree surgeons because I will call this company immediately.

  • Terrence N.

South Kensington Gardeners handled patio cleaning at my property recently. They completed the task as per schedule and left the place neat and tidy. Previously, I had hired a number of other gardening services and had always been disappointed with their work. This team of efficient gardeners has now restored my faith in gardeners. Such a hardworking, informative and helpful team! Job well done!

  • Daniel Hunt

Due to the excellent work done by South Kensington Gardeners and their team of gardeners cleaning and maintaining my garden, I've been hiring them on a monthly basis so that my garden gets to experience their magic much more frequently. I get them to prune my trees and hedges and am always thrilled with the results of their labour. If anyone else is in need of a quality garden maintenance service, I thoroughly recommend you to give their team a call.

  • Leonard

I live next door to a couple who always maintain their garden to the very highest standard. I see them out there almost all day, every day, working away at their gardening chores. I must admit it makes my garden look much worse to be next to something so cared for. That's why I called South Kensington Gardeners so they could come and sort out lawn restoration and repair and have my garden looking a little better in comparison to next door. My neighbours were so impressed, they asked me for the gardeners' number!

  • Rachel C.

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